Is honesty the best policy in a relationship?

Let me answer the question in the title… Honesty is not even close to being the best policy in a relationship. Little boys need to lie all the time, but real men realize that anything in excess is a disaster and that includes telling the truth. Not every question should be answered honestly, because people oftenContinue reading “Is honesty the best policy in a relationship?”

Women and the cheating man

I have always maintained that ladies don’t always know what they want (go ahead and disagree, sue me if you want, lol). Anyway, my point is borne out by the consistent inconsistencies women apply to their position(s) on relationships. So many complain and curse men who cheat in relationships, but they stay with these men or worse – endContinue reading “Women and the cheating man”

Ending your (Friends With Benefits) relationship

Well, since I wrote about how to go about starting a FWB r’ship, it would be useful to know how to end it, so here goes. Many good things must come to an end. It is important to recognise when a good thing has (to) come to an end. Ending relationships of any type isContinue reading “Ending your (Friends With Benefits) relationship”