the princess and the frog

At the risk of sounding somewhat superficial, I can’t help but wonder what’s at work whenever I see a “mismatched” couple. She’s cute like a button and he’s as ugly as sin or vice-versa. You readers probably ask the same question I do, “how did he get that girl?”. What is ugly/attractive? Attractive is an adjectiveContinue reading “the princess and the frog”

Material World – material girl?

Jamaican actress Andrea Wright aka DELCITA in the 2010 play “Ova mi dead body” said, “Love without money is like lemonade without sugar, it nah go sweet”. We are living in a material world, where diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. The media seem to reinforce the “value” that it takes cash to careContinue reading “Material World – material girl?”

break up to make up (sex)

‘Tis the season to be jolly and some women know ’tis the season for men to break off relationships that may prove too costly to maintain. Although breaking up is hard to do, make-up sex sure can make it all worthwhile.Experts all over the world agree that having uninhibited sex after a quarrel is aContinue reading “break up to make up (sex)”

Friends with the ex? Not simple at all

I ran into an ex-girlfriend yesterday. This was our first time seeing each other in about 2 years. The break-up was “clean” (mutual) and we maintained contact via Facebook; you know, happy birthday and merry Christmas. We’re both now parents and we compare ‘parental notes’, but our online exchanges never go deeper than that. OurContinue reading “Friends with the ex? Not simple at all”

Marriage – good stuff

Recently I wrote about not rushing to end single life. Shortly after posting, some of my married friends contacted me speaking about their “wedded bliss”, others complained about life with their spouse. Since I’m all about being balanced, I thought it would only be fair to “big up” marriage. Statistics locally and globally show aContinue reading “Marriage – good stuff”

Jamaican gas prices and Petrojam

For almost a year now I’ve posted a #WeeklyGasUpdate every Wednesday on my Facebook and Twitter. I note the difference in people’s reaction to the prices. A decrease rarely gets a comment/response, but when there’s an increase then people get all pissed and start cursing Petrojam and the government. I’ve been asked if I workContinue reading “Jamaican gas prices and Petrojam”