Bun and the married woman

I watched a programme on CNN recently which noted some research carried out by relationship experts in the United States about rates of infidelity (bun) among married couples. It showed infidelity ranging from 30-60 percent of women compared to 50-70 percent of men. The researchers also noted that the gap is closing. Sadly, I don’tContinue reading “Bun and the married woman”

Wanna be a dad? – Think about it

The choice of whether to have children is probably the most important one of any man’s life. Truth is if you marry the wrong person, you can get a divorce. If you enter the wrong career you can resign, retool and try something else. If you move into the wrong neighborhood, you can relocate. A child,Continue reading “Wanna be a dad? – Think about it”

Self confidence – is it what women want?

The question of what women want has been with us since God (if you’re religiously inclined) created women. I doubt even God could tell us what women want, and no I’m not being blasphemous. Don’t you think he would have revealed it to some ‘holy man’ by now? … Moving on I’ve observed and interacted withContinue reading “Self confidence – is it what women want?”

We just had sex, now what?

We just had sex, now what? That’s a question which always pops up the first time you have sex with someone new. Men and women tend to answer this question differently, but since I’m a man this blog shall be testosterone-driven. Now the next thing to consider when answering this question is if it’s aContinue reading “We just had sex, now what?”

Irrational behaviour – falling in love

Having been somewhat familiar with love of varying types over the years, I thought I might as well try to understand it. I’ve come up with little, lol. It is a topic with which everyone is familiar; but we all have various views on its meaning, purpose and manifestation/expression. I’ve shared various views on theContinue reading “Irrational behaviour – falling in love”

Mindless money-making machines

Why are we here? I’ve always wished to receive enough wisdom to answer that question. I posed this question to a wide variety of persons and we all came down to the most common and obvious purpose – to make money and die. “Two things in life are sure – taxation and death” – AnonymousContinue reading “Mindless money-making machines”

Why “Joe Grind” can’t marry her

For those of you who know me, Garth’s no angel #NewsFlash . On occasion I’ve been called upon to play various roles with the ladies… boyfriend, lover, man, best-friend, confidante, counselor and, of course, “joe grind”. If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “joe grind”, let me quickly share. Mr. Joseph P. Grind is the gentleman responsibleContinue reading “Why “Joe Grind” can’t marry her”

Why I said no to sex, the first night

I moved from Jamaica in early January to take up a job in Dominica. No, it’s not the Dominican Republic, Haiti’s neighbour and home of Latina booties (beauties). I came to the Eastern Caribbean nation of Dominca – the land of 365 rivers and gorgeous, lush vegetation. Whoever said Jamaica is the “land of woodContinue reading “Why I said no to sex, the first night”