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Sure You Want A Freak?

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Take a gamble or prepare for regret,
What you fear is a lot you might get,
Could make you brave or get weak,
Fifty tongues to save a weak cheek,
Liking the looks of whips or chains,
Hiking on hooks for hips or brains,
Want sums of three or threesomes,
Haunting drums tee off three cums,
The cure for climbing a power peak,
You sure you want a shower freak?

How about feathers and a handcuff,
No doubt in leather or a grand buff,
Like a feeling of the whipped cream,
Enjoy dealing in the wet trip dream,
Might get beaten like an old slave,
End up a few feet from a cold grave,
Just to get kinky in her dinky place,
Placed a plastic bag over your face,
Doors lock, you see a mean streak,
You sure you want a queen freak?

Don’t try to judge or underestimate,

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Rights vs Rights Part 2 – The Privacy, Publicity Preference

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Well said, well articulated.



There are some things that belong within a personal space and should remain private.  It seems social media has now opened doors for some people to think every possible aspect of their lives must be given to the public and failure to so do makes them misfits.  The designs of tailor made lives detailed to make existence seem exalted is the outlet social media sometimes serves.  Many of us were nothing like we are today before social media and that has offered as many positives as negatives, offering everything from the passively innocent to fanatic narcissistic tendencies.  Some things should still maintain privacy.  Sexual activity and preference should also maintain a place in privacy.

Public Displays Of Privacy
“We want to be treated as equal, live our lives normally, do what we want in the privacy of our bedrooms without the public or the law dictating who we love and…

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