Lakers for the win, to hell with Laker-haters

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Let me start off by giving a shout out to every reader who actually has a team in the NBA which they support, even if it’s the Cleveland Cavaliers (Cavs contested the NBA finals in 2007).

To those of you “wagonists” who hop around from team to team or just hate on 1 team or 1 player, grow a brain!

Anyhow, let me move on.

I recently commented on a friend’s Facebook status where he was disrespecting the Lakers. This was Thursday, February 3 when the Lakers lost 89-88 to the Spurs courtesy of an Antonio McDyess ‘buzzer’ tip-in.

These guys went on about how the current Laker team is overrated and really isn’t worth shit. That very same night Greg Popovich, the Spurs Head Coach, said on ESPN, “the Lakers are the best team in the league…”

TV analysts agree the LA Lakers is the team to beat because they are built for the playoffs. If  any other team harbours championship dreams they had better be prepared to go through LA.  A 3-peat is eminent.

I hope for the sake of the haters, the history books will add footnotes or appendices for their commentary and snide remarks.

It amuses me how conveniently Laker-haters agree with analysts; but intentionally go deaf as soon as the same analysts sing Laker “praises”.

Moving on…

One of the Laker-hater arguments is that the first 3-peat was against weak teams, namely the Nets in ’02, 76ers in ’01 and Pacers in 2000.

The NBA FINAL is contested by the best Eastern Conference team and the best Western Conference team. It’s sad that you would disrespect  any team that gets to the NBA FINAL by citing lack of talent or calling them weak. They were weak enough to defeat all the other teams in their respective conference.

Then Laker-haters went on to disrespect Kobe. Now it’s one thing if you don’t like Kobe as an individual, he’s a cocky bastard. However, there’s no way you can disrespect his record breaking performances. His stats speak for themselves. Kobe’s stats already qualify him for Hall of Fame induction, but let me move on.

To the haters, remember basketball is a team sport. Transfers and player signings happen every year. A team is allowed to bid for players who they believe will give them the best chance at winning the title.

Team sport, remember? So Kobe or Phil Jackson doesn’t win titles by themselves; its the LAKERS that win titles. This  is why even the men on the bench who get few minutes on the court receive a championship ring.

1 player doesn’t make a team win titles, not even MJ. He had a supporting cast: Pippen, Kerr, Kukoc, Rodman among others all had to contribute to allow the Bulls to dominate in their day.

There is no team in the NBA at this point that can defeat the Lakers in a 7 game series, not even the Celtics and believe me, they come pretty damn close.

So here’s my prediction : Lakers v. Spurs for the Western Conference Championships (if we don’t knock them out lower in the playoffs). On that matter though, most NBA Champions are the teams who had the best regular season records, Spurs are now 43 – 8. There have been notable exceptions especially in recent years, so I’m not too worried.

Lakers v. Celtics NBA Finals … Lakers win AGAIN! (by the way you can see the Lakers at the Celtics tonight Feb. 10 at 8pm ET)

God bless u and good night, lol

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3 Responses to “Lakers for the win, to hell with Laker-haters”

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Lakers are built for the playoffs… we are short in the play-making and point guard defense departments but having two solid 7 foot frontcourt options and a versatile point forward like Lamar Odom is still a great advantage. Teh key is that we play the defense we can. Boston looks solid though!


Celtics looked solid last year too. So they have Shaq this time round, I’m not fearful. My only prayer is for a fit team heading into the post season.

Mr. Williams I will have to agree with you 100%. LAKERS

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